I suggest assigning roles by lottery

I suggest assigning roles by lottery

Postby Matt » Mon Mar 21, 2011 8:01 pm

This process will be crucial to the success of the monastery. My suggestion:
-One month before the end of the current term in office, the monastery members will assemble in the meeting hall.
-A fire shall be lit.
-A role shall be called out by the current community manager (see the forum regarding role types). Any member who has not held that role/office in the last 12 months shall throw his name into a hat (literally--I suggest a big bowler hat). The manager shall shake up the hat and, without looking, draw a name from the hat. The member whose name is drawn will hold the role for the next term. He will not be able to refuse office or transfer it to any other member. During the ensuing month, he will have the opportunity to meet with the current holder of the office in order to get up to speed on the responsibilities of the office and to coordinate a smooth transition.
-The remaining names in the hat shall be dumped unceremoniously into the fireplace. Some cheering may ensue on the part of the members whose names have just gone up in flames.
-The community manager shall announce the next role to be assigned, and the process above shall repeat until all of the roles have been assigned.
-There shall be no discussion.
-There shall be no debate.
-There may be some groaning.
-There may be some drinking of beer. The outgoing community manager shall wear the bowler hat during this portion of the proceedings.
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