The rationale

The rationale

Postby Matt » Sun Nov 14, 2010 2:54 pm

The communities will strive for self sufficiency*:
    for environmental reasons (the goal of permanent communities presupposes the continued existence of survivable environmental conditions)
    for the satisfactions provided by the sense of empowerment and competence self sufficiency provides
    because communities that depend on external support will not long survive outside the sheltering umbrella of a large religious infrastructure

*It should be noted that although it is not possible for any one small community to be truly self sufficient with any reasonable quality of life, it may be possible for a cooperating association of Sotrusozer communities to achieve practical independence from society at large with the obvious exception of major medical care. Such care could be purchased outside the communities by a common medical fund or through externally purchased group health insurance. The only requirement would be that in addition to providing for its members' needs, the association would have to offer products or services for sale to society.
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