The Cadfael Chronicles

The Cadfael Chronicles

Postby Matt » Mon Dec 13, 2010 12:32 am

Listed also in the media section of the Inspiration forum, these fictional accounts of a 12th century monk entertain and provide a glimpse of one conception of cloistered life.

There are 20 Cadfael novels in all. They were written by linguist Edith Pargeter under the pen name Ellis Peters. The stories may be of interest to Sotrusozer forum participants both because they present some of the advantages and drawbacks of life in a small community, and because the protagonist is probably similar to men who might find Sotrusozer of interest. Cadfael is a man of the world who lived his life fully and arrived a juncture where he felt it was time to withdraw from constant participation in society. He chose to enter a monastery and create a new life largely but not entirely within that monastery. He did not stop interacting with and contributing to the world at large, but the nature of his existence was no longer dictated by the demands of that world.
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