The Rule of Benedict as written by and for women

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The Rule of Benedict as written by and for women

Postby Matt » Sun Jul 17, 2011 9:03 am

Of course the Rule of Benedict was written for religious monasteries and requires major modifications to serve any purpose for a secular monastery. It is useful in that it was written by a perceptive person who had lived for many years in small, enclosed communities and was able to address many of the issues that arise.

The rule was written for use in communities of men. If there are women reading this forum who find the concept of a secular monastery interesting and might consider forming such a community for women, note that several versions of the rule have been written by women for communities of women. There is a website with more information and links to feminized versions of the rule. Unfortunately, the website's authors did not translate the documents from their old English orginals, which makes reading them a headache-inducing exercise. Here is the link:

As the linked website says in its introduction:
"The Rule of St. Benedict was written by a man, for communities of men, using masculine language. Over the centuries, however, the same Rule has also guided the lives of many women. In using it, women have had to interpret and adapt the Rule so that it spoke to them and to their own needs."

Most of the changes to the rule were simple swappings out of pronouns and titles, but some sections were changed to a greater extent.
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